WP3 start up: Cultivating Eradication

Project members at the department of history of science and ideas

Last week, members and associates of Gardening the Globe gathered for a workshop at Uppsala University. The workshop signaled the start up of work package 3 of the project, which is called “Cultivating eradication”. In “Cultivating eradication”, we explore how socio-natures are produced through practices of removal or eradication of organisms and species. Through a set of different case studies, we investigate how species in the wrong place and in wrong numbers are often eradicated Continue reading WP3 start up: Cultivating Eradication

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Photographic winter gaze on the muskox

Karin is up at Dovrefjell again for a short winter visit to see how photographers hunt for the best shots of the muskox in winter conditions. Conditions are often harsh, with 20 m/s wind and snow on our first day, and -10 and clear sky with slight wind the other. Us humans need put a lot of gear on to deal with the conditions, while the muskox manages well with their thick wool. Muskox and Continue reading Photographic winter gaze on the muskox

Breathe in, breathe out – and publish

Project member Henrik Hovland Svensen participates in two recently published books: The beautiful art book Verdens navle  was launched on October 15, 2023, with literary readings, a panel discussion and of course, champagne. The book centers around a sculpture collection by Laila Kongevold and Stefan Christiansen at Aukra Care Center on the island Gossen. Through photos by Geir Dokken, combined with poetry, essays and literary fiction, the artwork initiates discussions of care – for humans Continue reading Breathe in, breathe out – and publish

Documentary in the making

Gardening the Globe will disseminate some of the research results through a documentary. This documentary will focus on domestic gardens as micro-landscaping, and it will disseminate the research questions of Gardening the Globe by using Kyrre Kverndokk’s subproject as a case. A team from the production company Leidar is hired to produce the documentary, led by the experienced documentarist Tor Karlsen. The team started filming this summer and will continue filming the following year. Here Continue reading Documentary in the making

Gardening the Globe goes gardening

In our project we use gardening both as an analytic metaphor and in a concrete way. Kyrre Kverndokk is studying gardening in Norway through the 20th and early 21st century as a lens for understanding cultural notions of landscaping and cultivation of nature. He explores how vernacular gardening brings together species and geo-masses from around the world, and how gardens are arenas for aesthetic modeling of landscapes and micro-ecosystems by separating cultivated nature from uncontrollable Continue reading Gardening the Globe goes gardening

Fieldwork has started …

… and here is the first field report from our PhD candidate Karin Lillevold: Greetings from the mountains in Dovrefjell! I have now been in the field for a few weeks, and experienced a lot already. I am based at the Wild Reindeer Centre and have followed the national park managers and others as they plan and discuss the management of the national park, how to raise awareness of the threatened wild reindeer, and how Continue reading Fieldwork has started …

Lunch talk 3 May: Pleistocene actors in the Anthropocene

On 3 May, 12.15-13.00, our PhD candidate Karin Lillevold will present her project in a lunch talk at the Center for Climate and Energy Transformations (CET) at the University of Bergen. The title of the talk is “Pleistocene actors in the Anthropocene. Muskox, rewilding and social construction of nature in Dovrefjell”. The talk is a hybrid one, and you can find the address or register for the zoom link here. Here is what Karin writes Continue reading Lunch talk 3 May: Pleistocene actors in the Anthropocene

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Late autumn gardening

One workshop and two panel discussions: In November, we gathered in Bergen again. This time for our first workshop in the work package Moving Nature. Dark and rainy as the days were, it was good to stay inside and discuss how national and local practices of moving nature have been entwined in networks of trans-local and global significance. In this work package, we approach the Anthropocene as the result of an accumulated set of transportation Continue reading Late autumn gardening

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One book – two book launches

Kyrre Kverndokk and Marit Ruge Bjærke have now launched their book Fremtiden er nå. Klimaendringenes tider – twice. First launch was on Wednesday 21 September, with the Environmental Humanities group at the University of Bergen. The Environmental Humanities group has been a wonderful research group for discussing climate issues as well as time and temporality. After a short presentation by Kyrre and Marit, Ida Vikøren Andersen from the ClimLife project gave an interesting comment on Continue reading One book – two book launches

A new book – and a recent one

This week, Marit Ruge Bjærke and Kyrre Kverndokk’s book Fremtiden er nå: Klimaendringenes tider (in Norwegian) is finally out. We are, of course, exceedingly happy to be finished (and quite proud of the result as well). Fremtiden er nå sums up and popularizes findings from our last research project “The future is now: Temporality and exemplarity in climate change discourses”. The book explores some of the timespans, time scales, rhythms and cycles of climate change. Continue reading A new book – and a recent one