One book – two book launches

Kyrre Kverndokk and Marit Ruge Bjærke have now launched their book Fremtiden er nå. Klimaendringenes tider – twice. First launch was on Wednesday 21 September, with the Environmental Humanities group at the University of Bergen. The Environmental Humanities group has been a wonderful research group for discussing climate issues as well as time and temporality. After a short presentation by Kyrre and Marit, Ida Vikøren Andersen from the ClimLife project gave an interesting comment on Continue reading One book – two book launches

A new book – and a recent one

This week, Marit Ruge Bjærke and Kyrre Kverndokk’s book Fremtiden er nå: Klimaendringenes tider (in Norwegian) is finally out. We are, of course, exceedingly happy to be finished (and quite proud of the result as well). Fremtiden er nå sums up and popularizes findings from our last research project “The future is now: Temporality and exemplarity in climate change discourses”. The book explores some of the timespans, time scales, rhythms and cycles of climate change. Continue reading A new book – and a recent one

Karin Lillevold – our new PhD candidate

We are super happy to present Gardening the Globe’s new PhD candidate, Karin Lillevold! Karin has a master’s degree in social anthropology from the University of Bergen from 2014 where she wrote about visions of nature and national identity in Iceland. Here is Karin’s own presentation of her PhD project with the preliminary title “REWILDING and the social construction of nature in times of the Anthropocene”:  This project aims to explore how nature is socially Continue reading Karin Lillevold – our new PhD candidate

Opening Conference Completed

On Monday 23 May, we held our “Gardening the Globe Opening Conference” at the House of literature, Bergen, Norway. We had wonderful talks from some of our advisory board members: Karen Rader discussed Gardening the Globe with project leader Kyrre Kverndokk. She advised more messiness and also brought up power structures and decentralized perspectives as themes to consider. Gunhild Setten asked the question “When is nature?” in her talk. She discussed nature as a moving Continue reading Opening Conference Completed

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Opening Conference: Program and registration

The program for our GARDENING THE GLOBE opening conference on 23 May is now ready. The conference will be held at The House of Literature in Bergen on 23 May 2022. We look very much forward to a day of exploring the cultural aspects of changing natures and the question of how to study them. And of course, we are also delighted to present the Gardening the Globe project itself in more detail. Please see Continue reading Opening Conference: Program and registration

Opening conference: 23 May 2022

Our new research project Gardening the Globe: Historicizing the Anthropocene through the production of socio-nature in Scandinavia, 1750-2020 has been running for a few months now, and things are starting to happen. Our website is finally in place, and so is the date for our one-day opening conference: 23 May 2022. The conference will be held in Bergen… Continue reading Opening conference: 23 May 2022