Documentary in the making

Gardening the Globe will disseminate some of the research results through a documentary. This documentary will focus on domestic gardens as micro-landscaping, and it will disseminate the research questions of Gardening the Globe by using Kyrre Kverndokk’s subproject as a case. A team from the production company Leidar is hired to produce the documentary, led by the experienced documentarist Tor Karlsen. The team started filming this summer and will continue filming the following year. Here are a couple of stills from their work:

1. Anders Martin Helle is filming Tor Karlsen while he is demonstrating the problem of invasive species by removing a lupin from his own garden. (Photo: Kyrre Kverndokk)

2. Kyrre is talking about landscape transformation in a suburb outside of Oslo. (Photo: Tor Karlsen)

3. Kyrre and Tor are discussing thuja hedges as mass production, popular culture and monoculture. (Photo: Simone Gottschau)