One book – two book launches

Kyrre Kverndokk and Marit Ruge Bjærke have now launched their book Fremtiden er nå. Klimaendringenes tider – twice. First launch was on Wednesday 21 September, with the Environmental Humanities group at the University of Bergen. The Environmental Humanities group has been a wonderful research group for discussing climate issues as well as time and temporality. After a short presentation by Kyrre and Marit, Ida Vikøren Andersen from the ClimLife project gave an interesting comment on the book from a rhetoric perspective. After that, we all had chocolate cake.

Second launch was at Kampen Kaffe&Bar in Oslo, where Kyrre and Marit have had most of their project meetings while enjoying excellent coffee. This time, we had two other presenters, who gave their perspectives on the book: Hilde Reinertsen, researcher from Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture at the University of Oslo and Marian Rui Slettebakken, communications manager/advisor from WWF (World Wide Fund for nature) Norway. After the presentations, there was much rejoicing, drinks and even some Danish pastry, while Ragnhild Aslaksen from Scandinavian Academic Press sold most of the books she had brought with her.