A new book – and a recent one

This week, Marit Ruge Bjærke and Kyrre Kverndokk’s book Fremtiden er nå: Klimaendringenes tider (in Norwegian) is finally out. We are, of course, exceedingly happy to be finished (and quite proud of the result as well). Fremtiden er nå sums up and popularizes findings from our last research project “The future is now: Temporality and exemplarity in climate change discourses”. The book explores some of the timespans, time scales, rhythms and cycles of climate change. It discusses how notions of a climate changed future may change the way people understand the past and present, and how different temporal understandings can affect how they relate to climate change. So, hurry to the nearest bookstore, everyone!

We would also like to draw your attention to another recent publication addressing the temporalities of climate change, and especially the historical shift in temporal understandings in the 20th century. During spring 2022, project member Anders Ekström and co-editor Staffan Bergwik published the edited volume Times of history, times of nature: Temporalization and the Limits of Modern Knowledge, which is available as Open Access from Berghahn. In addition to Anders Ekström, project member Marit Ruge Bjærke and advisory board member Nina Wormbs have contributed to the volume.