Late autumn gardening

One workshop and two panel discussions: In November, we gathered in Bergen again. This time for our first workshop in the work package Moving Nature. Dark and rainy as the days were, it was good to stay inside and discuss how national and local practices of moving nature have been entwined in networks of trans-local and global significance. In this work package, we approach the Anthropocene as the result of an accumulated set of transportation processes. As species, individuals or masses are moved from place to place, understandings of them and of their ascribed value undergo changes. In the workshop we discussed the different scales and axes these movements happen on, the institutions they are part of, the models they pose, and not least, how moving something also entails that something else is removed.

During the dark autumn months, Gardening the globe member Marit Ruge Bjærke has also participated in several other arrangements. Among others, the opening event of the art project “Forest means society” led by Randi Nygård and Marie Nerland. Under the headline “Whose time? Humanity’s? The forest’s?” Marit and Randi discussed understandings of time and the future, whose time should really count, and the relationship between these understandings and understandings of responsibility.

Marit also participated in the panel discussion of the film “The two faces of tomorrow” at Bergen International Film Festival in October 2022.

Now; we are looking forward to a new year of gardening!