Opening Conference Completed

On Monday 23 May, we held our “Gardening the Globe Opening Conference” at the House of literature, Bergen, Norway. We had wonderful talks from some of our advisory board members: Karen Rader discussed Gardening the Globe with project leader Kyrre Kverndokk. She advised more messiness and also brought up power structures and decentralized perspectives as themes to consider. Gunhild Setten asked the question “When is nature?” in her talk. She discussed nature as a moving target, based on baselines and thresholds, which tie understandings of nature to specific moments in time.

After lunch, Nina Wormbs used the changing sea ice as a prism for discussing how some images can be used to condensate climate science. She presented her work on how – in the satellite images of the sea ice – the natural and technological sublime combine into a new type of sublime, the environmental. We ended the day with a discussion on how to cooperate across the humanities and the natural sciences, with project members Frida Hastrup, Henrik H. Svensen and Anders Ekström.

The second day was a closed workshop, where all the project members presented their case studies for intense discussion with the rest of the research group and the advisory board.

Thanks so much to all of you who attended the conference and contributed with comments and input. We hope to see you around for other events in the future!