Related projects and affiliated research communities

The Future is Now (2017-2021) (UiB)

This project examined understandings of multiple temporalities in climate change discourses within vernacular culture, media culture and climate research. It examined how relations between the past, the present the future are understood within these three fields and how popular climate change discourses relate to scientific notions of time. The project further examined how uses of examples mediate between the present and the future. The project was led by professor Kyrre Kverndokk (UiB).

HUMKLIM – Research Group for Environmental Humanities (UiB)

The research group Environmental Humanities initiates, coordinates and develops integrated interdisciplinary research projects and highlight the relevant and potential contributions to the field from humanistic research. It is led by Associate Professor in Environmental History, Sarah Hamilton (UiB).

The Norwegian Researcher School in Environmental Humanities (NoRS-EH)

NoRS-EH is an interdisciplinary initiative that aims to reinforce and strengthen the contribution of Norwegian humanities scholars to environmental research and the great global challenges that we currently face. It is chaired by Professor Dolly Jørgensen (UiS).